Main guidelines:
-Traditional or digital drawing or paintings
-A Redtail's Dream-themed, but otherwise open! You can make it a fake poster, character pin-up, alternative book-cover, general illustration, anything! You're also allowed to do alternative universe depictions, so if you want to draw Ville in mech-dragon form and Hannu as some kind of...something, then go for it! Oh, and...don't make entries that I would not dare to show my mom! xD
-Kindly make sure your original file is large enough to be printed in the aRTD book if it comes to that: 300DPI at 170 x 245 mm. Here's a template file you can use. The artwork can be horizontal, thinner or shorter, but try to use the full dimension in at least one of the directions so that it could be printed as large as possible on a page.

Sumbitting your entry:
-Send submissions to: minna(at) and with the subject line fanart (or something similar).
-Send as JPG files (other file formats are okay too as long as they can easily fit through the email-tubes) and with large-ish dimensions (at least 1000px short side if possible) so that I can properly scale down each entry to an equal, nice web-viewing size without the images losing in quality. But keep your original in its non-scaled down and non-compressed format, let's not lose that printability along the way!
-Write what name and/or nickname you would like to be credited with.
-If you have a personal site/art blog/anything, go ahead and include a link and it'll be displayed beneath your entry! You might very well get some new visitors who liked what you drew!
-Final submission date: 20th September

The contest prizes:
1:st place: 150 USD, + the artwork published in the back of the aRTD book
2:nd and 3:rd place: 50 USD each, + the artwork published in the back of the aRTD book
Honorary mentions will get their artwork published in the back of the aRTD book.
(Note: you can opt out of having your artwork in the book even if you win or get a honorary mention, no pressure about that.) (Note 2: inclusion in the book will of course only happen if we reach the funding for the book next month. If not, the prizes will be just the sweet moneyz. And I'll figure something out for the honorary mentions.)

Other miscellaneous info:

How will the winners be chosen?
I'll be the judge, and I'll most likely also ask my mom to help me pick the winners, you all know how into the comic she is, and she has a great eye for art.

Can I submit fanart without entering the contest?
Of course! If you'd like to submit some fanart and have it shown here on the site with your credits+possible website link but not be part of the contest, just tell me so in your mail when you submit!

What about non-drawing fanworks, like fanfiction, plushies, sculptures or other such awesomeness?
Unfortunately these kinds of things would be too hard for me to judge within the specs of the fanart contest, but I know we'd all still love to see them! So you can submit any fanwork and have it displayed with your name+possible website link here on the site, just like the non-competing fanart pieces.

How about multiple entries?
I'm allowing it, but let's limit it to two per person. If you want to make more pieces, pick your two favourite ones for the competition and submit the others as non-competing works.

What happens to the fanart once aRTD is over and the next comic starts?
aRTD will stay on the web in its little shrine as it is, and so will the fanarts! I'll make a separate gallery page for them, complete with credits and links.