Main cast

I'm still adding character bios, so there's still a handful of them missing. And if you'd like to find out how the different names are pronounced, try out this nifty text-to-speech site. Just pick "Finnish" as the language and "Mikko" as the voice, I found it to be very accurate for these names. And if you enter several of them in a string, put a comma between each name.

Hannu Viitanen (Age 24)

Enjoys being left alone and not having to make an effort in order to get something done. In fact he would like to not get things done at all, unless he has something significant to gain from said thing. He has lived alone with his dog Ville (whom he loves dearly) since his parents moved to a larger city a few years back. Speaking of Hannu's parents; they love him way too much and were always awful at dealing out any kind of discipline. Hannu is employed as a baker and assistant at the Kuikka family store.

Ville (Age 5)

Ville is the best doggy in the whole wide world and loves his human Hannu. He also loves pretty much every other human there is, and everyone loves him back. He feels insecure and annoyed around other animals but rarely really wants to harm them. Ville was a gift from Hannu's parents who felt awful about moving away and having to leave their little Hannu-honey all by himself.

Puppy-Fox (Pikku-Repolainen)(Age: like a thousand)

Puppy-Fox is the youngest member of the Foxes' clan, and is rather immature for his age. He should not be responsible for anything because he will ruin everything, sometimes even on purpose. What's worse, he won't even apologize afterwards. And he thinks he's great so punishment probably won't teach him anything at all.

Chapter 1

Vuokko Tikkanen (Age 69)

Vuokko is the headmaster of the village school and the oldest teacher. She should have retired already but refuses to, as she feels that none of the younger staff would be able to handle her job. She's grown rather forgetful over the years, but still remembers every student that attended her school.

Mrs. Squirrell (Rouva Orava)(Ancient)

Mrs. Squirrel is old and tired and does not approve of all the trouble that youngsters these days just can't seem to stop causing. She enjoys making rounds to make sure everyone is doing their jobs in a fashion that seems suitable to her taste.

Paju Kinnunen (Age 24)

Hannu's childhood friend and the older sister of Tuomi. She's taken on the role of being Hannu's older sister too (even though they're the same age) and forces him to stay at least a little bit social. She can be quite mean and controlling when she wants to, which is most of the time. She works as a teacher's assistant and trainee at the local school and is looking to get a permanent job there once her studies are complete.

Chapter 2

Junnu Kuitunen (Age 35)

Junnu Kuitunen is the one and only "big-city" inhabitant of the village. He began a very successful career right out of University and lived abroad for almost a decade, but he never felt truly happy out in the big, big world and finally returned home. With his earnings he was able to purchase the farmlands that his parents own and secure the financial well-being of their family business. He is awful at everything except finances but his parents still let him "help out" around the farm. ("Junnu" is the Finnicized equivalent of "Junior")

Mr. Viper (Herra Kyy)(Ancient)

Mr. Viper is a very laid back spirit who doesn't allow urgency in his life, and his favourite pastime is light gardening. He also likes to sleep when it's warm and sunny. In case it's chilly and clammy, he likes to sleep. Has a strong affinity with lightning.

Sini and Mauri Kuitunen (Ages 63 and 61)

Junnu's parents and actual administrators of most of the farmland around the village, even though their son technically owns it. They used to have a hard time making ends meet and were considering selling their fields before their son moved back and provided the financial backing they needed. In return they let him "help out" with the field work and feel useful.

Chapter 3

Åsa Skärsholm (Age 57)

Åsa is a member of a wealthy Fenno-Swedish family and is part-owner of the fish refinery located outside the village. The refinery employs a considerable number of the people in the village, but she tries not to appear too boss-ish around them, even while at work. She doesn't have any children of her own and doesn't want any, she feels that being the aunt of Hannu's friend's Riikka and Anssi is enough.

Ms. Seal (Neiti Hylje)(Ancient)

Ms. Seal is an alert and cheerful spirit, eager to help and please other. She's not too brave though, and gets easily traumatized by even small mishaps.

Riikka Skärsholm (Age 23)

Riikka is a very kind, caring and responsible young lady. She tends to give people the benefit of the doubt and several second chances, even when it's clearly not a good idea. She lent her car to Hannu once and he drove it into the lake. Her chosen method of dealing with Hannu and his grumpiness is by being extra kind and patient towards him, but Paju's method of just punching him in the throat has proven far more effective so far.

Anssi Skärsholm (Age 22)

Riikka's younger brother and the youngest of Hannu's little circle of friends. He doesn't speak or smile much, mostly he just tags along and does whatever he is told to do. He's probably going to end up working at his aunt's fish refinery for the foreseeable future, and he's perfectly okay with that. All in all he's very much at peace with himself and the world around him.

Chapter 4

Jouko Kuikka (Age 59)

Owner of the Kuikka general store and bakery where Hannu happens to be working, and a close personal friend to Hannu's parents. He's divorced and raising his three children by himself, and since Hannu's own parents are too meek to ever dish out tough love he's had to handle most of Hannu's discipline and punishments too. Jouko is kind and patient, but a bit tired by now.

Mr. Moose (Herra Hirvi)(Ancient)

One of the oldest and most respected of the spirits. He is a kind natured protector of those who are smaller and younger than himself, very level-headed at all times and a formidable opponent. His favourite pastimes are baking and walking in the woods by himself.

Jonna (girl) and Joona(not girl) Kuikka(Ages 24)

Twins, and Hannu's earliest and best friends. They make sure that Hannu is always included in whatever activity they have planned, even if it's against his will (as it often is). They were very difficult children to handle, grew into very childish young adults, and currently working at their dad's grocery store/bakery.

Oona Kuikka (Age 6)

Jonna and Joona's little sister. A little monster most of the time, and she knows how to get away with doing bad things. Even though her father tries to be strict with her, her older sibling undo a lot of that work by enabling her misbehavior at every chance they get. Not because they want her to be a brat forever, but because they can't see their baby sister as anything but a sweet, innocent angel.

Chapter 5

Anu Kantanen (Age 57)

Anu makes a very good living in the timber industry, but she is rarely able to let go of work to enjoy herself or spend time with her family, and if possible she will make sure no-one else gets out of work either. It's easy to understand why she isn't very well liked, but everyone is too scared of her to complain.

Mr. Bear (Herra Karhu)(Ancient)

Poor Mr.Bear is too meek and for his own good, he is never able to stand up for himself and gets picked on by some some of the meaner spirits (the Foxes, basically). But Mr. Moose will defend him if needed, and Mr.Bear is pretty oblivious to any subtle bullying anyway.

Astrid (Age 12)

Astrid, a Swedish Elkhound (Jämthund), is Samuli's retired hunting dog. She was very good at her trade in her younger years, and Ville both considers her to be an intimidating rival and wants her approval, while, Astrid barely notices that Ville exists.

Samuli Tiira (Age 32)

Lives on the same street as Hannu and does not exactly like him, mostly because he considers Hannu to be a lazy and irresponsible dog owner as Ville is always barking at Astrid whenever they meet on walks. Which is pretty much all the time.

Chapter 6

Tuomi Kinnunen (Age 15)

Paju's younger brother, and the "leader" of the town's teenage "gang". He's almost as controlling as his older sister, which makes him feel very trapped being the youngest child and unable to control anything in the family. To compensate he tries to control his peers as much as he can, which can be very frustrating when those peers are other teenagers.

Little Hare (Pikku Jänis) ( Age: a few hundred)

Little Hare is the youngest of the Hares, which means he is the one who never is taken seriously or gets to give his opinion on important decisions. Sometimes his parents even forget him when they're counting their many, many children, and his older siblings don't always include him in their games because he's "just a baby". So Little hare is a rather angry little Hare who just wants a friend who won't belittle him.

Chapter 7

The Swan of Tuonela(Tuonelan Joutsen)(Ancient)

The Swan of Tuonela guards the realm of eternal sleep and makes sure the souls of the dead may rest in peace. She's always swamped with work and slightly on edge from the stress.

Kielo Miettinen (Age 72)

The manager of the church's graveyard and funeral services, she's very attached to her job and refuses to retire until she's in a grave herself. While she doesn't mind living she is also fine with the reality of death.

Lauri Kinnunen (Age 49)

The minister of the town's church. He finds great comfort in his faith and truly believes in what he preaches, but he doesn't handle difficult situations in his life very gracefully. He has emotional breakdowns now and then but will always recover pretty fast as he patches up the cracks in his faith.

Kokko (Ancient)

An old, majestic eagle who keeps an watchful eye on the Bird's path, making sure no weird things are going on. She's very fond of mortals in general and loves to help out those in need when she can.