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Page 515 - September 3, 2013

Hannu is very confused, last thing is aware of is him drowning in Tuonela. But hey, it is now time. For. That thing. You know, the *takes deep breath* print drive for the book! Go take a look at it, gogogo! (That's my way of saying it's on Indiegogo)

I spent such a ridiculous amount of time building that pitch page, I sure hope I didn't forget anything crucial. I have seen some webcomic print drives become very successful with just a couple of short paragraphs and no pictures in the description, so it's not like it can't be done that way, but I wanted to ape the campaigns that I myself have enjoyed following and supporting the most. And they all have had tons of info and pictures and charts! So that's what I went with too, even if preparing it ate a lot of time and there's still some things I want to add as the campaign progresses. But the extra work was totally worth it if it can in any way help this thing to get funded!

And now I'm going to spend the day trying to not constantly sweat over the campaign and checking the page every four seconds. Last month I purposefully reserved myself laundry time at the common laundry room for today, just so that I'd have a good reason to detach myself from the computer, even if only for a tiny while. And maybe I'll take a walk. Yeah, a walk sounds nice, nothing calms panicky nerves like a walk.

So anyway: crowdfunding time is now and until the end of the month, eek! *Flails* S-see you t-tomorrow w-with the next p-page.

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