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Page 514 - September 2, 2013

Ah, the final chapter. It's unsettling how fast the time flows, I can't believe we're actually going to be approaching the end so soon. I-I'd really want more time to prepare for the start of SSSS, why do these months go by so fast? But this chapter is fun, let's enjoy it while it lasts and as best we can! And judging from the fact that the previous page broke 300 comments for the first time human-Ville has been approved of, heh.

In other news: the mess with my graduation is now finally over and I've got my degree and graduation papers, whee! That's a bachelor's degree in graphic design, from the Industrial Arts school of Aalto University, oh yes. I am therefore no longer "weird, neurotic university non-graduate without a job, sitting at home drawing all day long", instead I am "freshly graduated art university student, currently working at home on a totally legit art project". *High fives everyone* And speaking of that project: I managed to finish page 22 of SSSS before the month ended, as I planned. The rest of the weekend went into preparing the print drive campaign (tomorrow, gahh!) so I didn't have the time to redraw the first two pages as I also wanted, but at least part to of the prologue is now done. Here's a happy handshake-y preview panel from page 22:

But tomorrow: first actual page of this chapter and the start of the print drive! Be there, or be triangle!

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