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Page 513 - August 28, 2013

IS THIS WHAT YOU WANTED?! (Yes, he still has his curly tail.)

Well, well, last page of the chapter, so I've got a couple of things to write about. Number one: it's time for the usual inter-chapter break for a few days, during which I'll draw the chapter cover page, the new site layout images and some images that I still need for the impending print drive. Chapter 8 starts on Monday the 2nd of September. That's less than a week from now, so remember to be back folks! And the print drive will kick off the day after that if all goes according to plan.

The second thing: new donation wallpaper as promised! I said it would include all of Ville's forms, and it does. By the way, I think I might have found a way to make Paypal redirect you straight to the thank-you page with the wallpaper after donating through your paypal account (doesn't work with credit card donations) but I can't donate to myself with my own account so I can't check. If not, there'll be an orange "return to Minna Sundberg" button link on Paypal's confirmation page that'll take you straight to the wallpaper page, as there will be after credit card donations. About a dozen or so people missed that last time around so I figured I should mention it. And of course if anyone gets lost on the way, do the same as always: send me a mail to minna( at ) and I'll send you the link that way instead. And if there's still any of you out there who missed the link to the previous wallpaper, do that too and I'll get you what is righteously yours. But without further ado, here's this one:

Also, I can't even begin to express the extent of my gratitude to everyone who donated last month! I was able to pay most of my rent bill with your help! (Well, before taxes of course, but bah, taxes.) It was such great help in my ongoing attempt to not run out of money.

So hey, see you all on Monday with the chapter cover page! And then on Tuesday we'll start having fun with that print drive, mmm'kay?

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