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Page 516 - September 4, 2013

*Gaaasps* The print drive is almost at its goal already! I guess we don't need to be worried about whether it'll be successful or not... I'll start preparing that stretch goal chart now Seriously guys, thank you so much! You're all the bestest!

So, a lot of you seem to be just as terrible at writing their addresses right as I am, as the most common question so far is about changing your address if you gave the wrong one. The answer is: no need to worry about that yet! Once the books are actually finished and ready to be shipped you'll all receive a survey where you get to fill in your correct and current shipping addresses. Any errors made now can be fixed then, and it also means you don't have to worry about it if you'll be moving between now and then.

I'll answer some of the other questions soon, and I'll make an update post on Indiegogo later today once I get that stretch goal chart finished. By the way, I was being very strong yesterday and managed to not check in on the campaign every few seconds! In fact I was able to draw on a SSSS page for one hour at a time, then check in and answer emails and comments, and go back to drawing for another hour. I stayed strong! *Fist in air* Although at the end of the day (after midnight) I did that thing where I closed all my programs and accidentally pressed "no" on the file-saving prompt, and due to all the excitement I had forgotten to save my work a single time during the whole day. So yeah, in the end it's as if I did spend the whole day doing nothing but obsess over the print drive, but hey, at least I can claim that I didn't. That counts for something.

See you guys later today with that Indiegogo update, tomorrow with the next page, and I'll put the print drive banner riiight here for now:

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