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Page 517 - September 5, 2013

The heart wants what it wants, and right now Hannu's heart wants MUUURDER!! Aaaand the print drive goal was met yesterday, yayyy! That means the book will now happen, and since we still have over three weeks left of the print drive (yes, it keeps going even after the goal has been met) I've revealed the stretch goals:

As you can see we've already knocked down the first three ones since I first posted this chart, so now I'll also make that third minicomic, the postcard print pack will now include six different Ville-cards instead of five and the book will have printed endpapers instead of just blank or single-color ones. Also, here's two more commonly asked questions with their answers (I'm adding all the questions to the bottom of the campaign page too):

I can't contribute until a couple of weeks from now! Is there a risk that some of the levels might sell out? Nope, no risk, I haven't limited any of the levels so you can jump in at any time and get exactly the one you want.

I want to upgrade my level. Can I do that? Yes you can. You simply need to make a new contribution (pick "no perk" for that one) with the difference between the level you already paid for and the one you want to upgrade to. I'll make a nice guide about how to upgrade your levels and/or add more books or postcard print packs to your package.

That's all for today, bye 'til tomorrow! *Edit* Oh, and I totally forgot: a new vote bait picture is finally up on TopWebComics! I've been seeing some requests for a sabretooth tiger-Ville, sooo...

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