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Page 518 - September 6, 2013

Enter Puppy-Fox! Again. You just can't get rid of him, can you? And I think now's a good time for a fanart-contest update: you all have two weeks left until the submission deadline! I've already gotten a bunch of sweet and adorable and lovely entries, you guys are so wonderful.

And on that subject: I've decided to cut out the voting part of the winner-choosing process and just do the judging myself (and ask for my mom's opinion too) because after getting those fanarts I can not bring myself to put them up to a public vote. It would be like a parent asking people in their neighbourhood to rank their children by heir looks or something. So instead it'll be like... a parent publicly pointing out their favourite child, ehehe. But that does feel better, and the point of the voting round was to possibly help promote the print drive, but it's going so well that the extra awareness wouldn't be worth my heartache. We've reached the 40000$ stretch goal, which means the book will have silver foiling on the cover, and the postcard pack will have 7 different Ville-cards!

I'll put up that guide for how to upgrade or add things to your level later today. Thanks everyone, and see you tomorrow with the last page of the week!

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