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Page 519 - September 7, 2013

Oh Puppy-Fox, you should try a bit harder to not be such a butt. So hey, I made that upgrading/add-on guide! So all of you who changed your mind and wanted more stuff, here you go! And as always, if you have any questions, ask and I shall answer.

If you're not using an Indiegogo account, make sure you enter the same name and email in your info, that way I'll be able to keep track on all the extra stuff for each individual package. After the campaign is over I'll check with everyone what upgrades and/or extra items the additional contributions are for. So write down what you're adding if you're going for a lot of extra stuff and have a horrible memory!

Upgrade to a higher level: Click on "contribute now" to make a second contribution, choose "no perk, I just want to contribute" and enter the difference between your current level and the level you want in the dollar amount field. For example: you already have the 90$ Scornful Squirrel Level but would want the 125$ Mighty Moose Level instead. 125-90=35 so you simply make a second contribution of 35$.

Adding postcard print packs: you can add extra postcard packs so that you could actually send some to people and keep a pack for yourself. Click on "contribute now", choose "no perk, I just want to contribute" and enter 20$ x (the number of packs you want) in the dollar amount field. So if you just want one more pack it's 20$, if you want three extra packs make it 60$. (It's the same for both Nordic and international folks.)

Adding more books: Once you already have a level that includes the full shipping cost for your area (either Nordic or international) you can add more books with reduced shipping to your package. Pick the Northern Star Level (that I brilliantly misspelled as Northern "Start") and change the dollar amount to correspond to the book you want as shown in the image above. You can add as many books you want! (Note: If you're a Nordic person and want to add a 65$ book, use the same contribution method as for the postcard pack instead as Indiegogo naturally won't let you change the Northern Star level amount to below the default 75$)

If you want to add several things to your package you can also add them all in one big contribution rather than with separates ones for each item. For example: if you want to add 2 postcard packs and 1 signed book to your package, you can simply make a new contribution of 130$ (20+20+90). And it won't really matter if you do it via a "no perk" contribution or the Northern Star Level, using the NS level just helps me keep some kind of track on the amount of books involved before the campaign ends.


Okay, that's it about the add-ons today. I might make a couple of more add-on options, such as upgading your little in-book drawing to include a second character for those who'd really want Hannu and Ville together in there, and maybe medium-sized prints of chapter covers. Alsooo, I managed to finish page 23 of SSSS, page 24 is inked too and I'll color it up today. But here's a preview panel once again:

Pages 1 and 2 are still in progress, I'm still kind of frustrated about losing all that work due to my inability to save properly, and my typical way of dealing with re-drawing-related frustration is to let it be for a while and continue working on other things until all bad feelings go away. That way I won't end up doing a rushed, half-assed job out of anger. Maybe I'll try again tomorrow after page 24 is done, it'll then be my third time inking those same pages. x3 See you all on Monday with the next page!

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