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Page 520 - September 9, 2013

Puppy-Fox' mom is a graceful lady and she's very unhappy with her son right now. And dangnabbit, we're already creping up towards the epiepilogue stretch goal? That was supposed to be my "super hard to reach" one! Well, I better start thumbnail sketching the epiepilogue pages. I think it'll either be 6 or 8 pages of extra comic content to the story, and you'll all get to read it here on the site as if it had been included all along (if we hit that goal. :3) I'll also try to get some of those postcards finished this week and show you guys!

Also, I was super hardworking over the weekend and finished both page 24 and redrawing pages 1 and 2 of SSSS, whee! I know, that sounds like I drew three pages in two days, which is so not the case. Page 24 only needed to be colored and both pages 1 and 2 were over halfway inked since before my lame saving-mishap. So it's more like I drew 1,5 pages in two days, and that's pretty nice too. But darnit, now pages 1-2 look way nicer than page 3! But page 3 is good enough, I'm not going to get myself stuck in a redrawing cycle here. I might do some color adjusting right before I start publishing those pages after next month, but that's it. And here's your preview panel(s) from page 24:

See you all tomorrow with the next page! Mrs. Fox will want to have a little chat with her son, you'll get to finally see how Puppy-Fox interacts with a family member. x3

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