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Page 521 - September 10, 2013

A disappointed, crying parent is so much worse than a raging, angry one, right? And Hannu seems to think it's safest to stay out of this family drama.

By the way, isn't it just the greatest feeling to receive a package in the mail that you weren't expecting? But then you open it up and it's the lamest thing there ever was, like opening a hard gift at christmas only to find out it's just socks some cruel person decided to put in a box. Well, I got a little mystery package yesterday and I would have preferred socks, at least I have some kind of use for socks. The package contained a pair of ultra-cheap, ten-buck mini speakers that I bought for my computer...except I already got the exact same speakers in the mail last week! Blahhh...I guess I now have a spare set for when the first set breaks in like five years or so.

And a couple of weeks ago there was this huge package in my mailbox that filled up the whole thing, but after getting excited I found out that it was addressed to the previous resident. Talk about disappointment! And I didn't even get to find out what mysterious object that one contained. So hey, anyone else have any lame package-receiving memories? Or glorious ones!

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