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Page 551 - October 17, 2013

Epi-epilogue, wooo! I'm kind of glad I ended up drawing this final part anyway, even though the last page would have been a pretty nice one to end on, and 550 is a cool number for it too. But I still had some things to show, and I originally only left this part out's not completely necessary and it was nice to be finished with the comic? Meh, I don't remember, I probably had some reason.

I'm on my grandparents' rocky little island now, With my mom, my grandparents (well, my grandfather just took the boat out to some other island to do some lumberjacking, so he's not here.) and their tiny, white poodle Ville. That's right our Ville is named after my grandparents' poodle. :B

Anyway, everything is fine over here, it's just a couple of degrees above freezing so using the outhouse isn't a lot of fun, nor is washinng one's hands in the lake. But the solar panel that my little brother installed works just fine! I'm not sure how much it'll support now that the sun starts to set after five rather than being up most of the night like during the summer, but I hopefully it'll at least be enough for one laptop/tablet charge every day. If not I'll just draw with pen and paper in the candlelight or something.

Oh, and I saw at least like a hundred whooper swans sitting on a field yesterday. I guess this means they're all leaving for the winter now, awwww. ;_;

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