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Page 549 - October 13, 2013

AAAAAW! Right? Ville never slept through the night in his own bed before, why would he start now? Hannu won't be able to feel his legs in the morning though. :S And looks like Puppy-Fox's punishment is everyone's gain this time. And tomorrow starts the second part of the epilogue, in which you'll get to see a small glimpse of Hannu and Ville's life a few weeks in the future. :3

By the way, I'm heading to central Finland to my grandparents' little island cottage place for the rest of the week, so I won't be answering emails and stuff until Monday. I will be updating as normally of course, I can get a decent enough internet connection that way, as long as nothing unfortunate happens to my grandfather's laptop and its internet dongle. (My own tablet only understands wifi, and my little portable wifi thing isn't able to pick up a signal that far away from civilization. :P) So see you guys tomorrow unless I drowned on the way or something.

...Oh yikes, below zero temperatures and possible snowfall during the rest of the week? Okay then. Oh summer, where did you go? Ps. I weighed my kitteh, and yup, my parents are making her faaat. Just look at that tummy! x_x (Okay, a lot of it is fluff.) But she's still adorable as ever, aawwww:

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