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Page 552 - October 18, 2013

Hey, Hannu's doting parents! They've made an appearance in all of the minicomics, but I don't think they've ever been referred to by name before. And now the cat is out of the bag! Or should I say dog? Heh heh.

The solar panels have fared very well even without proper sunlight and I've been able to work on some things for the SSSS launch on my tablet. I need to build the website for it and I have like nothing done on that part yet (the main image for the layout is maybe half done) but yesterday I finished some things for the character profile page:

Combative characters in the top row and non-combative ones in the bottom row. :3 These are just "icons" for the characters, I have a more elaborate profile presentation idea in mind, but don't need to get those ready yet. None of these main characters will be introduced during the prologue, and they won't all join the cast right away. But I still want something more on the characters-page than just some lame "coming soon"-notice. So now it'll at least have the character icons there, they just can't be clicked on for the full character profiles yet.

By the way, I'm kind of aiming for being able to launch SSSS on the very first of next month, which I think is a Friday, with the whole website and the prologue cover page (that I still need to draw) and then continue on with the actual comic pages on the following Monday. If I can't finish everything by Friday I'll push the launch to Monday, but I'm really aiming for Friday. That way it's just a little bit over a week between the end of aRTD and the beginning of SSSS.

Aaand now it's snowing. It won't stay though, the temperature is still a couple of degrees above zero because of the lake. It'll probably all be gone within a day once the snowfall stops. We'll see.

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