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Page 545 - October 11, 2013

Oh yes, Astrid knows something is up... but she's too old to give a darn about other dogs turning into humans.

Yesterday was the wooorst day for me! I had like five things on my list that I wanted to take care of, but I only got through two. Two! And all because of me being weirdly scatterbrained all day long and wasting time by messing things up. I spent most of the morning looking for my stylus because I had put it in the fridge for some reason. Then I ran out of both milk and juice so I had to go to the grocery store, but I forgot my wallet so I had to walk back home to get it. All the way back! I have a compulsion to always check my wallet when I walk into a store because one of my greatest fears is to stand there in front of the cashier going "whoops, got no way to pay, what do I do now?", but I really should start teaching myself to do that check before I leave the house instead.

Anyway, then when I finally got home again after an extra hour of walking, and after I had worked on the minicomics for a while the electricity went out and I lost another hour or two worth of work. Which I have no-one but myself to blame for, because I got a notice in the mail about the power outage and its exact time days ago, urging me to schedule my day accordingly. But I forgooot! Then in the evening I went and broke the main site when I was adding the last character profiles and figured I would "fix" some little things. So I spent another two hours alternating between fixing one error and creating new ones. Everything seems to be fine now, but yesterday sure was a big waste of time for the most part. Bah!

But I totally did finish the first of the minicomics and started sending out the download links to print drive backers! Most of you haven't gotten yours yet, because I'm only allowed to send out 500 emails a day in order to not get locked down for being an evil spambot, heh. I'll send the next 500 this evening and then the final 300+ tomorrow. Then on Sunday or Monday I'll add the new minicomic to the store for the rest of you to grab. So hey, new day, new attempt at getting some things on that list taken care of. :3

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