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Page 546 - October 12, 2013

Guess what I did yesterday! I did taaaxes! Because I've got to send in that updated business tax estimate next month so I needed a proper budget for this year. All in all I'll have to "only" give up between 40 and 50% of my profit in taxes and social security fees. Could be better (mmm, I heard everyone in Estonia only have to pay a flat 21% in taxes), but could also be worse. Like if I lived I don't know, I read something in a newspaper about Denmark beating Sweden in the game of hight taxes, but that was over a year ago so things might have changed. And next year I'm going to end up with an insane, red, negative-income crater because of the shipping stuff, but I'll just fill that crater with the revenue from this year so it'll even up nicely. I'll still end up with a nice chunk of rent money for 2014. :3 See you all on Monday with the next page!

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