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Page 544 - October 10, 2013

Yikes, it's already Thursday? Ah, at least I got most of the stuff I needed done taken care of during these four days. So: 1. New main site layout, which will be the permanent one for as long as the comic stays up on the web (foreeever?). I still have some small things to take care of before it's goodbye aRTD and hello SSSS, like adjusting the "about" page and stuff. Number 2. The "characters" page now contains chapters 5 and 6, only one set left to take care of *deep sigh*. Number 3: both minicomics are almost done, they're both missing their final page and speech bubbles, that's what I've planned to take care of next. :3

Ah, you might notice that I don't have a separate cover page for the epilogue...which is because I'm not able to decide what to do about that. As I've originally drawn these pages so that there's no cover page and they pretty much flow together without interruption, but I think I'm going to make one for the book anyway. We'll see?

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