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Page 543 - October 5, 2013

Ah, last page of the last chapter, time for the epilogue next week, more info on that below. (Oh my, I forgot that Hannu's backpack was blue, I have to change that on the previous page.) Okay, first the level-upgrading info for the print drive!

Note: this only concerns those of you who contributed extra for actual upgrades from one level to another (like moving up from the Scornful Squirrel Level to the Majestic Moose level) not for any of the add-ons (extra books or postcard packs, the in-book minidrawing or the two-character drawing upgrades), you'll be able to pick out all of those on your own directly in Backerkit next week. But the level upgrades have to be done manually by either myself or the nice folks at Backerkit, so here's what you do:


Send a mail to saying that you backed the "A Redtail's Dream- hardcover print drive" with your backer info (name and email that you used) and tell which level you want to be moved up to. Simply use the name of the level as it appears in the campaign. You can even ask to be moved to a level that's pricier that what you paid for in total, Backerkit will then simply ask you to pay the difference once it's live and you go to claim your reward.

Note to Nordic backers who used the Northern Star level to get cheaper shipping but want a higher level than the "book only!-one: send your upgrade info in the same way as above! You don't have to specify that it's a Nordic level either, because Backerkit will automatically make yours 15$ cheaper if you're shipping to Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark or Iceland. So if you contributed via the Northern Star level and wanted the 150$ Bumbling Bear package but with Nordic shipping, just tell them that you want to be moved to the Bumbling Bear level and it will automatically appear as only 135$ for you.


That's it! I'll leave you guys with a ~5 day window to get your level upgrade infos in before I send out everyone's invites to Backerkit, on Friday probably. Oh, and it's no big deal if some of you don't remember to get upgraded before the invites go out, the people at Backerkit will be able to move you to another level at any time, even after it's live. It's just more organized if as many of you as possible could be on the correct level right from the start. And the folks at Backerkit are pro's in this whole crowdfunding thing, so they should be able to help you out if you are unsure about something with your upgrade. But of course you can also email me and ask about things! :3

Aaand it's time for our last inter-chapter break, the epilogue will start on, um...Thursday? Yes, Thursday's good, that means I'll have a four day break during which I'll be able to get the new, permanent site layout designed and hopefully make it at least halfway through the second minicomic. I only have 1,5 pages left to do of the first one, whee! So yeah, see you all on Thursday in about half a week!

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