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Page 542 - October 4, 2013

Yeah, Ville is stuck like that. Tomorrow will be the last page before the epilogue (that's now 6 pages longer than it originally was) starts, so see you then. Next week we'll have the customary inter-chapter break of a few days while I put together the final layout for the site. Oh, and tomorrow all the backer info from the print drive should be organized to the point that I can start gathering info on who upgraded to what level, so keep an eye out for instructions on that in the morning too. It'll only concern those upgrading from one level to another, you'll all be able to select your extra books/postcard packs and stuff directly in the Backerkit interface next week. :3

Autumn has started to pretty much take over by now, so I had to go buy myself some basic gloves because either I forgot all of my old ones in Finland or I put them in a weird place during the move and just can't find them anymore. I Not "one" as in "one pair" but as in "one, single glove". Anyway, I had to look for ages in the local supermarket until I found gloves that were sized for adults, but I finally stumbled upon a few. Or... so I though! Once I got home I noticed that the size label says "for ages 7-12". But hey, they fit me perfectly! For once buying clothes was actually made easier by me being a very small adult. I still have no idea where someone with actual adult-sized hands would buy gloves in this town, though. I guess they have to go all the way to the commercial street in the heart the city for that.

Well, see you guys tomorrow! I've got 5 and a half pages of the first minicomic done now, whee!

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