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Page 538 - September 30, 2013

Oookay, it's the final day of the print drive, and then this crazy month will be over. Phew, on one hand I've been so overworked the whole month that it feels like I've been stuck in it for at least three months, while on the other hand I can barely believe it's already ending. I've been able to keep up with my planned schedule pretty well though, I now have five of the six epi-epilogue pages ready, only one left to color, and I was also able to finish up page 31 of SSSS on Saturday. Oh, and the backsides of all the postcards are done too! If I can find the energy to finish up that final aRTD page and page 33 of SSSS (which is the last page of the third act of the prologue) I'll have most of the things I wanted to have done this month in the bag. I was half hoping to be able to also start the first minicomic too, but I might have overestimated myself there so that'll have to wait until next month. Which means tomorrow, heh.

So yeah, you can still hop in on the print drive if you want to pre-order the book now, otherwise just wait until spring when it'll be available for regular orders. Looks like I'm going to need over a thousand books printed. :3 Well, I'm off to work again, I have half-finished comic pages yelling at me. And while I can't post preview panels from the end of aRTD without spoiling things, here's your preview panel from the newest SSSS page:

Oh right, and I'm making a separate page for all the fanarts. I should have that done by tomorrow too, and I'll include a nice, visible link to it once I change up the main site layout for the last time.

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