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Page 537 - September 28, 2013

Puppy-Fox, NNNOOOO!!! ...says nobody. Sadly you'll have to wait until next week to find out what happens to him now, awww. And oh my, looks like it's already the last weekend before the end of the print drive! But you'll still have all of Monday left to join in, it'll be open until midnight US time. And ah, the print dive is featured on Indiegogo's front page! I've got to say, Indiegogo has given some awesome boosts to the campaign, in the past couple of weeks they've also featured it as their campaign of the day on their Twitter, Facebook and Google+ pages and included it in their newsletter. Thanks Indiegogo! And thanks everyone else, I'll see you all on Monday! I'm going to try getting most of the epi-epilogue pages finished during the weekend, I already have four and a half pages inked, and I bet I'll have all six of them done before the day is over so that I can start coloring them.

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