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Page 539 - October 1, 2013

And they're finally all out of there! I'm almost feeling a little sad, the end is getting so close. The extra 6-page epi-epilogue (which I managed to finish yesterday, whoop!) has given us one extra week of updates, but aRTD is still going to end this very month. Sad. But then SSSS starts and I'm going to be super happy, I can't stress that enough! Yesterday I also finished page 34 as planned, so the third act of the prologue is done. I still have like 20 pages of prologue left to draw, but first I have to go back and fix up some panels in the first two acts. I've made some pretty drastic stylistic changes to the way I want each act to open and close, so right now I have a couple of pages that are sticking out like rotting thumbs. I definitely need to redraw some major panels before I can launch the comic, and I think I'll do that before I even touch fourth prologue act. Well, here's your preview panel from page 34, you can kind of see what I mean with the stylistic choice for the opening and ending panels:

Aaand the print drive finally ended, what a...relief, hahah! I can't believe we made it over 150000, I'm going to have to order sooo many books! I'll post some updates on the camapign in a day or two once I have all the backer info organized, now I'm going to start drawing those minicomics.

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