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Page 532 - September 23, 2013

Now what is Puppy-Fox's game plan here? You'll find out soon. So aaanyway, we hit that second to last stretch goal on Saturday morning I think, and that means I will be able to keep enough of a profit that I will not have to take on any paid work during the whole time that the book is in production ('til spring) and at least a couple months after that. Even with reservation for unexpected expenses (which is something crowdfunded book projects often seem to end up accumulation.)

This means that I'll be able to update SSSS at a pace of 4 pages a week during the months that I'm working on the book and 5 pages after the book is done! That's one extra page per week compared to what I could produce if I also had to squeeze in freelance work to make ends meet. That's 50 extra pages a year, wheee! ARTD ends sometime next month, and I'll launch SSSS right at the beginning of November, a little over a week in between probably. And I hope to have the book put together and sent of to the printers in a little over two months, so I should be able to get to the 5 pages/week before the end of the year. Well, here's a little drawing of the SSSS cast that I drew last night:

Oooh, and I finally counted all the fanart pieces that I got: over 130! The last submission day my inbox was a real nightmare! I'm so grateful for all of them, and you get to see them on Friday. I've sent my favourite pieces to my mom for her input on which ones to pick as the winners, so that I'll feel less like an art-tyrant than if I made the call completely on my own. :P

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