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Page 531 - September 21, 2013

Last page for this week, and the fanart contest is now officially CLOSED for more entries! And oh man, it's crazy how many were holding out until this very last day, I just spent over an hour sorting through all the entries that came in since I went to bed last night and sending out conformation emails. I haven't counted all the entries yet but I'm pretty sure it's a few dozen in total. I'll announce the winner and show all the entries next Friday, I can't wait for you all to see these. I love them all. Thank you everyone!

And eee, we passed the second to last stretch goal too? Craaazy, that means SSSS will update four times a week even when I'm working on the book! I'll write more about that on Monday, I better get back to work already. But page 30 of SSSS is done, and here's your preview panel (one that I'm very happy with):

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