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Page 533 - September 23, 2013

Looks like Puppy-Fox doesn't love the idea of a swim right now, aww. By the way, I totally forgot yesterday: those of you who have been writing your crazy/awesome/silly/adorable poems in the comment section, if you have those left somewhere I would love to include them in the fanworks gallery with the fanarts, I think that would be pretty darncool. Our resident bard Mikko has already sent me his various pieces, so those of you who have poems or stuff lying around... send them to me at minna (at) if you don't mind having them in the poems gallery for aaaall to read! And get your credits up with them just like those with fanarts.

That's my main thing for today, tomorrow I'll show you guys the final postcard design! And I finished page 31 of SSSS so here's your preview panel:

See you all tomorrow! And gosh, we're now in the final week of the print drive! Will we break six digits? (We probably will, I just recently threw my bi-monthly advertising budget into a last-week ad campaign and it seems to be showing some results already. :P)

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