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Page 487 - July 29, 2013

It's Monday and I have officially arrived in Finland with about 26 hours of traveling behind me, only six hours left. Thankfully I have a nice 1.5 hours before my next bus leaves, so I can update and grab something to eat in peace. Because I did not eat well yesterday! The bus from Mora to Stockholm did stop for a one hour lunch break, but I looked at what the diner had to offer and knew I wouldn't be able to stomach even the children's portions because of my anxiety. So I just ate raisins out of a plastic bag I had with me. With a fork, because I forgot to take a spoon with me, or that I could borrow one from the diner. And I didn't want to spend money on expensive ferry food so I just ate pineapple chunks out of a tin for dinner/evening snack.

But hey, at least I ate cereal this morning for breakfast (dry, straight out of a plastic bag and with my bare hands because eating cereal with a plastic fork does simply not work) so I'm not too hungry anymore, but eating properly is healthy I guess.

Oh! And I saw a moose yesterday! The local buses where I live don't run on Sundays, so I had to walk into town to catch my intercity bus, which turned out to be a good thing because seeing a moose is so much lovely that it makes up for anything. The huge lady-moose was really peaceful too, just standing there in the dusky morning light in the middle of the forest path, not seeming worried at all even though I was standing less than 10 meters away from it. I've of course seen a bunch of moose before, but they've mostly been reacting more like "AAAGH! HUMAN! PANICRUUUN!!!", or darting over the road while I'm sitting in the car. Basically it was a good start for the day.

Well, see you all tomorrow with the next page (if there is a good enough internet connection. There should be.) Also, I installed Manga Studio 5 on my tablet PC in hopes that it would run as well Photoshop does on it, and it runs far better! No brush lag at all as long as I keep the layer count and canvas size to a reasonable size. Which is good, because my copy of Photoshop is now claiming that my licence key isn't valid so I can't even use it. :I So I drew this on the ferry before I went to bed, our scrawny scout character from SSSS:

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