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Page 486 - July 27, 2013

Oh nooo, it wasn't that easy? The Chapter didn't end yet? Oh well, to be continued on Monday! I should have a comfortable window of time between when the ferry arrives in Finland and when my bus leaves (a couple of hours, even) so I'm aiming on updating during that time which should be about the same as the usual updates. Unless I break my tablet or something, then the update will have to wait 'til the evening so that I can use my mom's/grandfather's laptop or something.

Page 9 of SSSS is finished, and I'm going to finish page 10 before I take off to Finland (which means  today) and here's your preview panel. A vertical one for a change:

That means I have the first part of the prologue almost in the bag, four parts left! Except... I'll have to recolor the first two pages, I picked a completely different color scheme initially. And I came up with a better idea for an opening panel so I'm going to need to redraw that too (it's a big one, spans over both pages.) Heck, I might end up redrawing the first two pages altogether, forcefully saving the panels that could still fit in would probably take nearly as much effort anyway. But I'll worry about redrawing later, first I want to get at least the second part of the prologue done too so that I won't start feeling like I'm getting stuck in part 1. :P

Oh, I also did a little bit of night-time doodling in Manga Studio yesterday before I went to bed. More SSSS stuff: our explosives-non-expert from the main cast. His expression might give the impression of a comptetent recruit, but he's pretty darn awful at his job.

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