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Page 485 - July 26, 2013

Ville doesn't really get why Mr. priest Lauri is so sad. Humans worry too much about what happens after death, those silly goofballs.

Is it Friday already? Ooof, time is going by too fast! Anyway, I'm going back to Finland for a quick couple-week visit on Sunday,  to spend a bit quality time at our summer place with... my cat. And my mom and grandparents too, but most of all my cat. I guess this'll be kind of like my yearly break, except I'm not exactly planning on not working while I'm there. Got a pen and paper and my tabletm, it's all I need...

But aaack, I'm so not looking forward to my almost 30-hour trip from central Sweden to east-central Finland! I've never traveled that far on my own. And there's like a million connections that I have to hit. First a local bus into town, from there I'll hop on an intercity-bus to Stockolm and the harbour fromwhere I'll take the overnight ferry to Finland, then the tram of whatever from that harbour to the main bus station in Helsinki, then another bus trip to a town in central Finland where I need to change to yet another bus that will take me to the town closest to our summer place, from where I need to take a half an hour taxi ride to the shore of the lake where my mom can finally pick me up with the motorboat. There is totally nothing that could go wrong there, aaaaAAGH!

Well, it will be a...  challenging 30 hours for a very anxious little person who is afraid of a lot of things. But if it'll allow me to relax for a couple of weeks after that, it'll be worth it. See you all tomorrow with the final page for the week, this particular guy seems to be pretty okay with Hannu sending him home.

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