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Page 484 - July 25, 2013

So a birdie told me people would like to see Hannu wearing a cute moose hat too, so I doodled around for a couple of hours after midnight yesterday and here you go:

And oh my holy Photoshop: Manga Studio! More accurately Manga Studio 5, which is what I used to draw antlers!Hannu, and I can already say after this short first try at that I'm going to start phasing out my use of Photoshop and eventually move over to that MS completely. It's just....better. At least where it matters to me , which is the basic drawing and painting tools, the rest I didn't have time to check out yet.  Manga Studio is supposedly specifically designed for drawing comics, so I'm curious about what tools it might have to offer .

Oh, and the basic version that I've got costs 80 bucks, with that you get merely 4 months of Photoshop with their new, weird "only renting, no buying"-model. I'm so happy I got this program, I've been looking for an alternative to Photoshop lately and Corel Painter was far too heavy of a program to run on my poopy old computer. But that doesn't matter, because the painting brushes that came with Manga Studio were awesome and far better than anything that I managed to cook up in Photoshop. Even the basic "round" brushes felt better in MS than PS, it's like the calibration to the pressure sensitivity of my tablet was far more finely tuned.

Well, that's my happy endorsement of this fine program. The extended, 300-buck version of MS5 just came out (which is probably why I've been hearing so much about itlately and decided to give it a try) and I might upgrade to that once I'm in a financially more stable situation. As a conclusion: if you're looking for a program to draw or paint in, get Manga Studio 5 instead of Photoshop. It's both cheaper and better.

Anyway, here's another panel preview from SSSS, page 7. Page 8 is aaalmost finished too. Once I've gotten more familiar with Manga Studio I'm going to move this comicking stuff in there, but I'll chug along with Photoshop for maybe a couple more pages.

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