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Page 483 - July 24, 2013

I got some requests about print versions of my non-aRTD illustration, so I took a dive through my backup drive and fished out some print resolution files for some of my larger works from 2010-2012. I couldn't find a couple of my watercolor paintings that I really like (the one where the bunnies are all packed up and heading out on an adventure for one) and I can't rescan them because the originals are safely stored at my parents' place. But I added these images to my print store:

Aaand these were the ones I already had available, the aRTD-related drawings:

Oh, and a heads up: I noticed while uploading the new prints that Society6 (where I have my prints for sale) is doing a "free shipping worldwide" thing this week until Sunday, so if you were on the fence on maybe perhaps getting one in the near future, this week's pretty good for that if you want to save some money. ^_^

Hm, looking at those "old" illustrations I really get an itching to draw something really elaborate again. But those kind of illustrations used to take me 50-70 hours to finish, I really can't spend a whole week working on nothing but one single image anymore. I don't think I even want to. Anyway, see you tomorrow with the next page, we'll find out who this crybaby is.

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