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Page 488 - July 30, 2013

Alright, my journey is over! I didn't even have to take a taxi for the last part of my trip since my grandfather had just returned form northern Finland and was able to give me a lift to the shore. (He also fixed my mom's car that's been stuck there for a couple weeks by beating it with a hammer.)I'm now sitting on a little Finnish island with no running water and only a little electricity from a solar panel my little brother installed a couple years ago. And the mobile internet connection is good enough for me to update!

And my kittyyy is so adorable! Se was being really stand-offish when I first came, she even climbed up on a shelf so that I couldn't even see her anymore. But you know how you get a kiteh to love you again? Lie on a bed and eat turkey slices! Soon she was purring right next to me and licking my arm like I had never even left. And when I went to the sauna to wash up she followed, so when I came out on the porch to coold down she was sitting right there waiting for me. So there we sat and looked at the lake together, and after I had finished washing up she was still waiting for me and we walked back to the cottage together. Ah, kitties.

Well, that's it for today, can't sit here and waste this electricity much longer, especially since the sun isn't shining. See you all tomorrow!

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