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Page 476 - July 17, 2013

The subject of if and when a crowdfunding thing for a printed book version of aRTD would be happening came up in yesterday's discussion once again, so I figured I'd give a general update on what's up with that: right now I'm pretty much thinking about launching one around the end of next month, once the final chapter has started. I hope that's give us the biggest chances of successful funding it, since aRTD still has a little time left to gain some new readers and these drowsy summer holidays should be over by then.

I spent like four hours yesterday sending out quote inquiries to a couple of dozen book printers, so I'm hoping to start getting enough estimates in the next weeks to make an informed call on what it'll all end up costing. I'm still holding on to hope that I'll be able to offer the book+shipping+crowdfunding fees for less than 100 bucks to you guys, but sending a book that size from Sweden to pretty much any other country costs 40 bucks. So I'm slightly worried on that front. I haven't exactly seen many 600 page, full color hardcover books being offered for only 50, at that price they're usually only about 300 pages or in black and white. But I frankly have no idea what to expect from the print quotes, so maybe... *crosses fingers*

So that's that update! I've also finished page 3 of SSSS, almost done with page 4 too. And because I like posting previews, here's another sneak-peek panel. This one has a beard:

Eeee, and a million thanks to those of you who donated yesterday! You generous, beautiful souls took care of almost a fourth of this month's rent for me. (Well, before Swedish taxes, but still. x3) Thank you!

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