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They're cheap and cute and sweet.

Prints are pretty cool.

Yaay, ranking sites!

Page 475 - July 16, 2013

This action scene is now officially over! Let's just hope Hannu and Ville make it back to the surface too.

Sooooo, I said I'd have the donation wallpaper available for today, and I do! Here's a little preview image of the final design:

I'm sure most of you know how this works from other webcomics, but just in case: you can donate whatever you feel like with either your Paypal account or a credit card via Paypal's system (should be in the lower lefthand corner of the donation page) and after that you'll get a return link that'll take you to a thank you page. There you'll have the wallpaper in a ton of different sizes! And you get virtual hugs too.

Aaaand I finally opened up a print store over at Society6, so if you want art prints... I've seen a whole bunch of other artists offer their prints through Society6 and their service seems so straightforward that I chose to go with them too. They're basically a high-quality print on demand-service, so my profits are of course much lower than if I just ordered similar prints in small quantities and sold them myself, but this way I don't have to take care of shipping and stuff. It's worth it, because any time I can save to spend on comic making is always worth it.

Well, I guess this is my first serious attempt at actually making some money through aRTD apart from the couple of ads and the little minicomic sales... I'm not expecting to make a lot, but any little bit helps of course. I have enough of my life savings left that I'm going toonly work on drawing the first part of SSSS for the next couple of months, then I'll have to go back to dividing my time between webcomicking and doing paid work. So basically anything I can scrape together this way will increase the time I'll be able to dedicate to comic work, and I appreciate any help very much.

But don't worry guys, even when I go back to doing commission work I can pretty much guarantee at least 3 pages a week of SSSS after aRTD is done (probably 5 without having to work on commissions.)

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