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Page 469 - July 9, 2013

Nuu, Ville! Don't get kicked in the face! ;_;

Hehehahaa! I've got Internet! No more painful, slow updates from some parking lot or bus stop! And it only took a week. I was fully expecting a month at least, so now I'm pleasantly surprised and very happy.

I was actually on my way over to my updating spot when I decided to take a quick detour and check my mailbox first, just in case my overdue rent bill had come this morning (they accidentally sent it to Finland last week, freaked out my already worrying dad. -_-) and to my great joy and surprise there was a happy-looking envelope from the broadband provider! Now I can do important things again! Like paying that darn rent because the bill came too. And yikes, it sure is overdue, I hope I don't end up with some outrageous extra fees.

Ah, and I need to go buy a longer ethernet cable! I ended up placing my work station in a slightly different spot than originally planned, so the broadband socket is waaay over on the other side of the room now. My computer has a temporary spot in the middle of the floor, heh. (Also, yesterday's wallpaper should work now. Looks like the mobile connection at the bus stop was so slow that the file broke. x3)

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