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Page 470 - July 10, 2013

Ah, I remember that the middle panel with Hannu was really hard to draw (him holding that knife in front of him like that and all) but looking at it now it seems pretty good. The pain, it was not in vain. Hey, that rhymed!

Bluurght, I still haven't been able to pay my overdue rent bill, because as it turns out my new Swedish bank has forgotten to send me the pin code to my bank card. And for some reason you have to verify yourself with an external card reader and the codes in order to pay bills online. That's so weird to me, I wonder if it's a common Swedish bank practice or if it's just something the local branch of Nordea has set up.

This is the third time I'll have to go to the bank office just to be able to make a simple payment! The first time they didn't even give me the international account numbers  so I wasn't able to send money over from my Finnish account. -_- I have to say, I thought opening a Swedish bank account would be the least troublesome part about moving to another country, but it's pretty much the opposite by now. I specifically chose Nordea because everything's always been so simple and straightforward with them in Finland, but here on the other side of the sea their whole system comes off as very...convoluted. But at least the staff at he office seemed kind, I'm sure they'll help me out.

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