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Page 468 - July 8, 2013

Some people wanted a higher resolution version of yesterday's page to use as a wallpaper, so here it is. I was going to make two versions suitable for different monitor ratios, but without an internet connection I wasn't able to check what the common ratios are. So I took the low-effort way out and made only one, large version, hopefully it suits at least some of you who wants in. ;_;

So, I think my move to Sweden is pretty much finalized now (except the whole getting Internet to my place of course, but it looks like I can't do much more than wait at this point.) It all took about one week of very intense work by me and my always helpful mom, and so much money! My moving budget is way beaten, ynh! And n-now I'm all on my own, no more student handouts or anything... t-time to start working I guess. o_o'

Ah, speaking of wallpapers and running out of money and stuff; I think I'm going to give a shot at some kind of "donation wallpapers" thing in a while, now that I live in Sweden and both need the money and have no legislations preventing me from having a donation button. I've put up a rough color sketch of the wallpaper design I'm working on now as a vote bait on Topwebcomics (sooo many thanks to everyone who's been voting this month even without a new vote bait!). I assume no artist really enjoys asking for donations, but I'm willing to do almost anything that lets me move even a little bit time from paid work over to webcomic work and still be able to pay my rent. '_'

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