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Page 466 - June 29, 2013

Is it and airplane? Is it SUPERMAN? No it isn't, just a bird.

Ohhh nooo, tomorrow is the moving day! *Scared* Ah, I know you goys are curious to know what happens to the updates next week, and the answer is: hopefully nothing. I'm putting the files I need for updating on my tablet PC as I did in Iceland, and hopefully I can get a mobile wifi set up until I get "real" internet to my place. There should be some kind of phone/operator store at the central station in Stockholm so maybe they can help me with that before my train to central Sweden leaves. Then I could even update from the train! If they on the other hand just shake their heads at my tablet things could get difficult, but I'll certainly try to work it out somehow.

On a completely different note: you may have noticed that both ad spaces are empty today. That's because I'm trying to weed out an annoying "floating" popup ad that many of you have reported seeing this past week. One of you was kind enough to send me the code with the image file, so I know what the ad looks like. Is this what you all have been seeing?

The link is reported to take one to a survey on I only use two ad networks right now: PulsePoint and ProjectWonderful, and since PW only serves normal banner ads (not even flash is allowed) I figured it must come through PulsePoint somehow. However: yesterday I got a very kind response from their customer service informing me that they've looked through my site and all the ad blocking settings that I've set up and that no such ads should ever come through with the setting I have.

So I'm doing one thing right now while I'm moving: removing all of the ad code I have, just to rule out the possibility that there's something else making it appear for those of you who are getting it. I'll do this over the weekend, so it would be nice if you guys could just leave a comment saying if it's still coming up while none of the two normal ads are visible.

And if one of you more tech-oriented folks happen to come across it: it would be the best if you'd be able to get a Firebug or Fiddler log of what's happening on the page when it's coming appearing, that's what the nice folks over at PulsePoint will need to identify the ad if it does come from their service. I've never seen the ad myself (it's probably geographically targeted) so I'm pretty much working in the dark with this. :/

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