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Page 463 - July 3, 2013

Hannu would have gone home ages ago if he could have, who cares about those other people? (Maybe he cares a little, secretly.)

I can't even remember, is this the third day of my move to Sweden? My place still looks like I arrived this morning: my computer stuff stands in one corner on the floor, a couple of boxes with books and art supplies in another corner and there's two madrassess on the floor in the bedroom. The rest is eeeempty. Still no tables, chairs or shelves anywhere, and it looks like I own almost nothing. xP

But I've done a ton of important things already! Registered myself at the Swedish authorities, gotten myself a Swedish bank account and credit card, ordered broadband to my place(takes 1-9 weeks to arrive x__x), bought a scanner/printer, a microwave oven and a million little things one needs in a home. Like frozen fish for my freezer. Oh yeah, and my computer and Cintiq both survived the trip, I'm ready to start some serious comic-work! As soon as I get a freaking chair and table... So today is IKEA-day, that'll fix it, right? The closest IKEA is almost 200km away so it'll pretty much be a full day trip, but then it'll finally be done and taken care of. :3

Also, I noticed that the place where the mobile network begins is like 100 meters from my home. I'm kind of annoyed that they couldn't have extended it just a bit, but also happy that I won't have to walk farther than that whenever I need to use the Internet (possibly for the next 9 weeks :P)

See you guys tomorrow with the next page!

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