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Page 462 - July 2, 2013

*Quick edit* Ahah, oops, I uploaded the Finnish page as the English one and vice versa. Now they're in their right places. x3

Oh dear, our new friend Swan of Tuonela isn't very helpful either. Two un-helpful spirit animals in a row. :/

Blehh, turns out my place isn't covered by any kind of mobile internet, poop. Too many trees around maybe? So what do I do until I can get a fiber connection working? I take a trip downtown and update from the park! At least the core of the city is covered by 3G, so I'm not all out of luck. :P

I'll probably be super slow at answering comments for a while because of this. But that doesn't mean I love you guys or your lovely comments any less, so keep them coming! ~<3

Hhh, this Internet stuff turned out to be kind of difficult...I'll have to try getting my ads working today somehow and not get stuck in this weird limbo of no revenue at all. Well, see you guys tomorrow, now to go get my Swedish things in order. Bank and tax office next? Hmmm, and I've really got to get some chairs, not that I hate sitting on the floor or anything...

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