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Page 461 - July 1, 2013

I-is this working? Do I have an internet connection? AM I UPDATING?! If you can read this and see today's page then yes to everything! :D

So I'm on an intercity train in Sweden on my way to my new apartment! My mom's driving the car with all my stuff, there literally wasn't any room left for me in the car. I was sitting with my legs crossed and three bags in my lap on the ride to and from the boat, ehehe. I'm also taking the train as a practice ride so that I'll know how to come back home to Finland on my own in a few weeks. (Ugh, "back home" I should learn to think of Sweden as my home now!)

And I was able to buy a SIM card on the train station in the 30 minutes of spare time I had. It was nerve-wrecking! I couldn't find the operator store I had looked up on the Internet anywhere! Then I spotted a tiny shop called Teknikmagasinet or something and figured "they've got to have something!" The guy was like "yes we do!"went into the back room for five minutes and came back like "We're out of like everything :(" and I was like "D:". But they told me to try this kiosk-shop called Pressbyrån instead. The guy there was like "Yes, we have everything! :D" and pulled out this cardboard box with prepaid SIM cards from all kinds of operators in cute little envelopes. "Which Operator do you want?" he asked and my answer to that was "Boohoo, I don't know! I'm from Finland and I'm going to Dalarna and my train leaves soon and I know nothing! ;_;". And then the dude was like "Oh, heading up north! Well this Bliibloblaaboo-operator (or something like that) is pretty popular up there! How 'bout it?" and then he gave me one of the little envelopes from the cardboard box aaaand now I'm on the train and it's working! End of Minna's adventure, part 1.

Part 2: There's a screaming, spitting and drooling baby sitting in the seat next to me. Will I die during the next few hours? To be continued...

(Also, if no-one's seen that annoying floaty survey ad over the weekend or today I'll turn on the ads tomorrow to start the next phase of the ad-weeding, so scream if you've been pestered by it.)

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