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Page 464 - July 4, 2013

Mmmmaybe they should heed this warning. Maaaaybe! they should. We'll see soon, huhuhahaheee. Ah, that reminds me: I need to buy an USB stick right away! I only have tomorrow's update files left on my tablet, the rest are still on my tabletop computer. Normally I just use Dropbox to transfer the files, but without Internet I c-c-can't. And all my USB sticks have gone crazy from having to move back and forth between the Macs at school and my Windows computer. ;_; *Adds to list of things that need to be taken care of today.*

And now I have a kitchen table and two chairs! No more breakfast on the floor, thank you IKEA! Maybe this evening I'll have my working table and chair set up too and can finally draw a little bit something. I need to get a new vote bait for Topwebcomics done, urrrr.

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