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Page 410 - April 27, 2013

Wheeere is little Tuomi? I think we'll find him...on Monday! By the way, I think I haven't even remembered to mention this yet: I have now started drawing the final chapter! Not the one after this chapter, but the one after that. And I swear you guys will enjoy it, Ville's last form is awesome. Bet you won't be able to guess what it is! Even if you do guess correctly, I won't even hint at it. But yes, I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Is that enough of a teaser blurb?

Oh, and I've switched back to the old commenting system again because of the crazy loading times that it would spew out from time to time (way too often!) an since I found no way to make guest commenting less of a hazzle. So those of you who didn't like the fact that guest commenting previously required an email address: yaay, now it's simple again! (And the default comment order is back to oldest to newest , which is more natural, so the comment box is at the bottom of the page now.)

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