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Page 409 - April 26, 2013

Yup, you guys guessed correctly: it's time for some teenagers! And those of you who know anything about Finnish mythology probably already know what instrument it is by now, just as Hannu does.

So hey, remember how I one mentioned that I had this irrational fear that once I'm getting closer to graduating I'll find out that something is very much amiss with my studies? Turns out it wasn't irrational, because that happened yesterday: I'm registered at Aalto university as a Finnish speaking student, but I should be registered as a Swedish speaking one. Which means that all my language credits are wrong...

You see, the academic mother tongue on university lever in Finland is apparently determined by the language in which one passes the matriculation exams at the end of 11th grade, and since mine were in Swedish... x_x And our studies coordinator had no idea that I've attended a Swedish speaking school until now, so the issue never came up. But apparently I mentioned something during my final thesis presentation on Tuesday about how everyone in my family only had academic writing experience in Swedish , our studies coordinator was present and thought  "W-whaaat!? But... uh-oh". Then she went to check my student records aaand would you look at that: they were messed up.

But things will probably work out. She said she'll call some people and see if it can be fixed somehow, and if there's nothing that can be done then the worst case scenario is that I have to re-pass a few mandatory Swedish and Finnish classes next year, except with a reversed priority.

So anywaaay: Hannu stepped on some fat teenager, huh? See you tomorrow!

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