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Page 411 - April 29, 2013

Ah, new week, new pages! Let's find out what's going on here with Tuomi and his friends, shall we?

Today I have a question that I would love to hear you guys' input and preferences on, and it's about character presentation pages! Because it's about time I finally make a proper one for this comic where I list all major + important secondary characters. The pictures I'm planning on drawing for each of them will be like these of Hannu and Ville:

Now my question is: what kind of information should go with each little picture? I was initially just thinking of adding everyone's name beneath their image, because that's what I'm usually looking for when I occasionally check out the characters page on some webcomic. But then again everyone isn't me and other people might want some more info, such as each character's age, their relation to other characters (to Hannu and Ville in this case) or some kind of short bio even. Sooo... what kind of information do you feel would be nice to have on a character presentation page for aRTD? Even crazy wishes are welcome! (Who knows, even if an idea doesn't necessarily suit this particular comic, it might prove useful for my next comic's characters page! )

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