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Page 351 - February 16, 2013

Did I say minicomic yesterday? I did! I also said I would finish it up "over the weekend", but scratch that, because I worked the whooole day yesterday and it is all done! Made some last checkups and quality improvements this morning and here it is! Are you able to scrape together 2 bucks? Then you get ten extra pages today: it's the prequel story of how Hannu and Ville met! Here's a tiny preview of what it looks like, and a purchase button is right below it:

There's the usual options to just pay with Papal or just regularly with a credit card and you'll automatically get an email with a direct link to download the PDF file: the usual digital download drill, easy peasy. The comic itself is 9 pages long and then there's a cute little end-page, rounding it off at an even 10 pages. It's got 19-year old Hannu and Paju, Puppy-Ville (I believe that our major selling point here) aaand Hannu's parents. The drawings style is of course the same as in the main comic, the difference is only that the pages are penciled rather than inked (it's left a bit of a nice, rough, sketchy feel to it) and the coloring is a bit simpler: no shadings, and I experimented a bit with only using a palette of oranges/browns and blue. Basically each page took me about 3 hours to finish rather than the usual 7 hours for a regular one, and I'm pretty happy with how it looks.

Alright, that's my marketing speech part. I'm really thankful for anyone who buys one, but don't worry, I'm not suddenly homeless and in dire, immediate need of cash or anything, I'm still securely studying until summer, and I've made sure to save up for years and years now to not die from starvation the moment I get my graduation documents. I know there's kind of a myth that when a webcomic artist, who previously hasn't been taking part of the commercial aspects of comic making, puts up either a donations request or starts selling something out of the blue, then it means they're having some real financial issues.

But I'm fine! Just taking a baby step towards that wonderful, mythological day, possibly far, far in the future, when I might be able to support myself by doing webcomics, and not have do divide my time between this and "real" work. Ah, I haven't had time to accept any paid work offers since I started with these daily updates, and oh do I ever wish to keep it that way as long as possible.  Even if it's just one more year,, and could get so many more pages done!

So, in conclusion: Puppy-Ville will love you if you buy a minicomic, and I made my darnest to make it good enough to actually be worth those 2 dollars. See you all on Monday with the end of Ville's plan!

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