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Page 352 - February 18, 2013

Yup, that was Ville's great plan, too bad Hannu isn't quite a match for it. But at least he had a follow-up solution. We'll see tomorrow if this works out.

A hundred and a half thanks to all of you who bought the minicomic over the weekend, the great reception to that one really warmed my heart! I'll definitely make more of them in the future, because I have a whole bunch of non-dream-world based little stories in my brain that I would really like to get out of there. I've got one Easter-themed storyline that I think I'll do next (April and a half month away?) that I'm sure you guys will really enjoy too.

Aaand since I know from my site stats that a lot of people don't tend to check in during weekends, not even on Saturdays, here's a mega quick recap from the previous page's post: I made a minicomic about the time Ville and Hannu first met, it's 9+1 pages, really sweet and costs only 2 shiny bucks.

I'll have to make some kind of little mini-store to put that in, can't have it get buried and lost here in the stream of new posts. Oh, and there were a whole bunch of you who wanted the comic but don't have the possibility to pay with a credit card or Paypal, and I'm trying to figure out some way to make it available to those of you too. Maybe by the end of the year when there's a few of these mini's available we could bundle them all up and...then do something? There's got to be a sensible solution, people were selling and buying stuff all the time before money started turning into this electronic science-fiction thing, right?

Oh well, that's stuff to be figured out during future months, kind of like the possible book version of aRTD. Just got to wait and see. Also for today: new commenting system, since Intensedebate turned out to not be very well suited for large amounts of comments. This one (Livefyre) should, so let's try it out! It asks for an email address if you post as a guest, but you can just put a fake one in if you're not into getting notifications when someone replies to your comments.