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Page 350 - February 15, 2013

Page 350! Woo-hoo! Another halfway-to-a-hundred-milestone reached! Ah, I still remember reaching 50 pages and how proud I was of what was back then ... really, reaching 50 pages and not wanting to give up was a huge deal for me. I had never stuck with any single project or idea that long, and now it's just a bit over a year later and here we are... *happy sigh* I can do this, guys, I really can. You'll see.

On the subject of doing things in relation to the comic: I'm actually working on a fun little sidestory-minicomic for aRTD right now! Oh,  I've been wanting to draw it for ages, half a year at least, but never had the energy before now. It's 9-10 pages, it's the story of when Hannu first met/got Ville, it's super duper sweet and I'm going to make it one of those little digital downloads that you can get for like 2 bucks or something. Because money: I like it. The minicomic is almost finished too, I've been cramming in time to draw one page of it each evening this week (always after my main page for the day is done) and I'll probably have it all finished up over the weekend. You guys will love it, I can almost guarantee that!

As a final thought for today: It's been kind of weird drawing teenage Hannu after finally getting comfortable drawing him as he appears noe. His face is so much softer and his hair doesn't look like he cuts it himself (because back then he didn't.) And darnit, in some panels he looks almost exactly like one of the main characters for my next comic! The shapes of their noses and jaw lines are different, but overall I was feeling like "nooo! I'm one of those people whose character's all look the exact same except for the hair! I have failed!" And young hannu has pretty much the same haircut as that future character of mine, so yeaah...twins. But on the bright side: they belong in different comics so it doesn't matter. And at least you all will get a character who physically resembles Hannu in the next comic too, which might just make the transition a bit easier. The guy does not really share Hannu's personality, though... Okay, no more musings today, see you all tomorrow!

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