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Page 309 - December 29, 2012

Uuugh, I think I'm right on the verge of becoming sick with the flu. Everyone else in the family has been sick for the whole week, walking around in their PJs and coughing like they've got lung cancer, while I've been going "ooh, I'm all fine, my immune system is sooo great!", and now... *sigh* I guess if you have sick people coughing around you (or more like at you) all day long for a week, you'll eventually catch something. But I can still shake this off! My immune system will not fail me! Ignore it and it will go away! Yes, that's how I fix things. When I squish spiders I just leave them on the floor and hope my cat will eventually eat them.

PS. I've got an update on that troublesome 4G internet connection thing, which is that we returned it and went back to our old plan, which may not provide the speediest speeds for my interweb surfings, but at least it works. Yaaay!

Aaand there's a new batch of linearts up as vote bait on TWC. One of them is that page where I copypasted one panel into six panels, except before the copypasting. Oh, and last thing: a quick reminder that it's Sunday tomorrow, and you all know what that means. See you on Monday! :3

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