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Page 310 - December 31, 2012

Oh dear, it's already the last day of the year? Not that I'm saying this year has gone by fast or anything, I've done so much this year that I have a hard time remembering what things were like in my life a year ago. Everything's changed, and all for the better! My level of optimism and ambition for the next year and every single year after that is through the roof right now, while last year I was still in a place of "oh well, we'll see how things work out, maybe I don't really like making comics after all..." But now...*sigh* it's all so great! I'm feeling sick as a pig and spewing snot all around me, and I still feel so full of energy! That's how pumped up I am in anticipation of what the new year will bring. Did I mention how happy I am? (And no, I'm not high on flu medicine or painkillers right now.)

Soo... new years resolutions, anyone? I guess I don't really have any in stock that I haven't already promised myself without the pressure of a new year coming up, but here's what I'm aiming for during next year: I have around 150 pages left to draw of aRTD, and with the daily pace it'll take me no more than 5-6 months to be done with all of it. I'm going to graduate, get my bachelors degree in graphic design and finally be free to spend all my time working, darnit!  After those 5-6 months are in the pot, I'm going to startworking on SSSS right away , keep working until the buffer for aRTD finally dries up within the span of another 5 months, and then... well, then I'll finally publishing the first pages of SSSS on the web. One year from now. This will be my last year before the part of my life that I really want to start living.  Oh, please, whatever deity that may exist and take requests, allow me reach that point in life and let this upcoming year be as fruitful as this one has been, kthxbye!

By the way, this evening I'll finish drawing page 430. That's right, my page buffer is now 120 pages long, that's almost five months of updates right there. How about a fist bump?

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