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Page 308 - December 28, 2012

Who wanted to see Bear!Ville taking Hannu on a piggyback ride? Everybody? Well you've got it!

I'm having one of those weeks when one day I feel like I've actually become a worse artist and then the next day be all "booo-yaa! Nailed it! I could totally become a professional comic artist like right now! " The other day I finished two pages of linearts and they're both simply ... dull. Lifeless! There's not really anything technically wrong in the drawings and I even tried out some different panel arrangements. Yet in the end it just seems like all that frustration I was feeling while drawing soaked right into the ink and is now radiating out from those two pages like radioactive waste and is rotting my brain whenever I look at them! And then yesterday I finished the next two pages and they're just great! There's nothing strikingly special about them composition or story-wise, and still they make me feel "oh yeah, I'm definitely getting a hang of it". If only there was a way to bottle that feeling for later use!

Aarrrh, this is one of those situations where I just hate that my page buffer is so large and I won't be able to show you guys the pages I'm gushing about for months! xF

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